Just finished school and looking for your first apprenticeship opportunity? Have been jobless and want to get on to the employment ladder? Unsure about your future career options? Need help with choosing which sector suits your preferences and matches your aspirations?
We are here to help you, if any of the above apply to you.
We will help you choose the most suitable training programme and will also find you a work placement or apprenticeship position within your chosen sector or Industry.

We will help you get into employment and guide you towards securing your dream job. With the right training and career advice, we will ensure that you only look forward from the moment you embark on one of our training programmes.

We offer training in the following subject areas
Customer Service
Business Administration
Team Leading
Retail Administration/Management
Information Technology Qualifications
Functional Skills (English, Maths and ICT)

We offer courses ranging from Level 1 to Level 7.

So even if you are looking to prepare for University, we can help you gain Level 5 qualifications for Undergraduate Studies and Level 7 qualifications for Post Graduate Studies.

Our courses are mostly government funded and some of our higher level courses are loan funded too. Funding option depends on your course level and personal circumstances.

Please get in touch using the 'Contact Form' and we will get back to you with the most suited options depending on your needs and circumstances.